A.R. Turner Elementary School

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About Mrs. Billings

Mrs. Billings is the Pre-K teacher in the mornings at A. R. Turner Elementary and the afternoons at Meador Elementary.  She is excited about this new school year and looking forward to the great things that will be happening.
Mrs. Billings would like to remind you of the following:
PreK works hard and plays hard.  Your student will most likely come home a little dirty and quite tired.  Please know when your student does have some marker, crayon or paint on him/her, that means he/she did work and play hard. He/she learned by doing so.
Please try to have your student at school as much as possible. Preschool is required by law, to follow the same attendance policies as the other grades. If there are excessive absences and/or tardies tickets and fines could be involved. The attendance policy is posted on the district's webpage.  Please familiarize yourselves with it.
At recess we are outside and in the sun.  Please put sunscreen on your student before he/she comes to school.  It is important to protect their delicate skin from the harsh sun's rays.

Thank you all.