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October is National Principals Month

October is National Principals Month. We would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” to Turner Principal, Kameron Wilder and Assistant Principal, Greg Solberg for all you do for our campus.

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The Cookie Investigation

Students in Mrs. Larson's 1st grade class conducted a yummy experiment. They compared and investigated the properties of different cookies. Once they were finished they were able to enjoy their sweet treat.
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Nonfiction Text Feature Booklets

Students in Mrs. Jeffcoat's 2nd grade class created Nonfiction Text Feature booklets this week. Students learned the purpose of certain text features by using charts, diagrams, index, titles, photographs, illustration, maps and labels. Mrs. Jeffcoat met with students in small groups to make sure they understood each text feature.
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1st grade presents: Station Time

First grade is an exciting grade. Students are busy learning all sorts of new things. Did you ever wonder how they get all of this done during their day? We invite you to take a peek at just a small part of their day. (Click the link to view)
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Learning Science in "Volumes".

Students in Mr. Scates 5th grade class are finding mass in grams by using the triple beam balance. They are calculating volume by measuring dimensions and using the formula for Volume and use water displacement to find volume. Once this is accomplished, they then divide the mass by the volume and record the relative density of the object in grams/cubic centimeter.
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Sonic's Limeades for Learning

It's once again time for Sonic's "Limeades for Learning". In an effort to support our LOCAL teachers, Sonic partners with DonorsChoose.org to help provide essential learning materials along with the funds to make this happen. Our Turner teachers need your help! This campaign only lasts for 4-weeks! You can simply follow the link below, search our campus and vote for our projects. The projects with the most votes, get funded. It's really that simple. Thank you to our awesome Turner Parents for your continued support. Copy and paste the links below for current projects at AR Turner:
3rd grade

2nd grade

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Homecoming at Turner

Turner students were geared up and ready to support our Willis WildKats underneath the Friday Night Lights last week. To kick off this spirit filled occasion students were greeted at the drop off line by members of our Willis Sweethearts, Band and Football team.
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Turner Fifth-Grade Students Receive U.S. Constitution

Willis ISD fifth-grade students will have a better understanding of the nation’s supreme law this week as they prepare for the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787. The North Shore Republican Women recently visited all five elementary schools to present fifth-grade students with brochures of the U.S. Constitution.
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