A.R. Turner Elementary School

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News and Announcements

The Polls are Open

3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at Turner are learning about one of their most important patriotic civil duties; voting. Librarian, Linda Carter created a station for students to obtain their voter registration card, complete with signature to identify who they are prior to casting their ballot.
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Willis ISD Receives Book Donations

The Lake Conroe Area Republican Women recently donated
books to all Willlis ISD schools as part of their annual
Literacy Program. The group is assisted by Barnes & Noble
and the Barbara Bush Literacy Library Project. In addition,
members of the LCARW purchase books on their own to donate
to the schools. Bookplates are placed in each book donated
to the schools in honor or memory of the donor’s choosing. (JFails)
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Publishing Party

Students in 1st grade have worked so incredibly hard with the Lucy Calkins writing program since school started. We threw a PUBLISH PARTY on Friday (complete with balloons, streamers and snacks) to show off an edited and published piece of writing. Administrators from all over Willis ISD were sent invitations to listen to the students read. The party encouraged the students to have pride in their work and to make them understand that they are authors - just like Barbara Park, Eric Carle, J.K. Rowling and so many others.
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2nd grade Venn Diagrams

This week in Mrs. Hurst's 2nd grade class; Mrs. Nikki Kelley used a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast popcorn and M&M candies in a Science lesson. After reading the book, "The Popcorn Story" and discussing the steps of popping corn kernels while they actually popped it! Students enjoyed their sweet and salty snacks as they discussed the similarities and differences and completed their "hula hoop" Venn Diagram.
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How to Access Grades on Parent Portal

Report cards for the 1st nine weeks are now available for online access through Parent Portal. To view grades, access Parent Portal through a web browser, not through the Parent Portal app. Click headline to read more.
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"EGG"citing Sound Energy

Mrs. Martin's 1st grade class conducted a sound energy experiment. Students gently shook the different eggs to guess what items were producing the sound energy inside.
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Future Sweethearts

Turner's Future Sweethearts are ready to take the field tonight with the National Champion Willis Sweethearts. The clinic hosted by the WHS Sweethearts and Director Mrs. Katie Cade has been one the girls look forward to each year. Dance pretty, Sweethearts!
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Catapulting in 5th grade

Ms. Spannagel's 5th grade class have been studying forces. Students created catapults to demonstrate pushes and pulls using only popsicle sticks, rubber bands, bottle caps, and hot glue.
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