A.R. Turner Elementary School

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First Grade Field Day-Morning
Date: 5/24/2017
Kindergarten Field Day-Morning
Date: 5/24/2017
Second Grade Field Day - Afternoon
Date: 5/24/2017
Fourth Grade Awards
Date: 5/24/2017, 10 AM 11:30 AM
Third Grade Awards
Date: 5/24/2017, 10 AM 11:30 AM

School News

Owl Pellets

Summer is almost here and our 5th grade team is taking every opportunity to learn new things. Students were given owl pellets, magnifying glasses, toothpicks and tweezers to dissect owl pellets. By dissecting the owl pellet they are able to see the bones of the animals that the owl has eaten. Because the owl cannot digest bones, these are left in the pellet. The owl pellets that we dissected showed that the owls had eaten moles, rodents, shrews and birds. They found complete skulls, scapulae, forelimbs, ribs and pelvic bones.

Vaccinations Available to Public

Now is a great time to plan for vaccinations needed for the new school year. Summer is a popular time to update vaccinations, but clinics are often busy and supplies run low.

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